Twitter’s new feature continues to spread!


Twitter announced support for voice direct messages on iOS and Android in India starting today. Thus, India became the third country where the voicemail feature was introduced, while the company announced that the feature will be available gradually.

Twitter aims to increase connections with voicemail

After Brazil and Japan, voicemail feature was introduced in India. Speaking about the feature first introduced last year, Manish Maheswari, India’s general manager of Twitter, said, “We aim to give voice messages a new way for people to express themselves and help connect with the nuances, emotions and empaths that will be created by hearing someone’s voice.”

Twitter, on the other hand, posted a video showing how the feature works. According to the video, users will be able to start recording using a small icon to the right of the message box and record their message, limited to a maximum of 140 seconds. In addition, options such as reviewing their messages before sending them will be offered to users. Another similar feature was for audio tweeting. With the feature not available on the web, users could share their recorded voice recordings as tweets.

Twitter’s ambition for audio has come under criticism for its lack of accessibility options. In response to this, the company also stated that it will establish new teams and add automatic captions to audio and videos on all platforms in 2021. Considering that similar features such as voicemail are available in Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp applications, it seems that Twitter is even late.