Twitter’s New Algorithm Chooses Bitcoin!


Twitter’s new visual algorithm looks like a lot of talk. The thumbnail algorithm, in which Twitter highlights only one of the objects in the visual, has become viral among users. Twitter users have started using this app to compare objects. As Coinkolik, we used this algorithm to compare cryptocurrencies.

You have witnessed the thumbnail algorithm that has been spoken frequently on Twitter for the past few days. The purpose of this algorithm was to convert large images into thumbnails while sharing. But the algorithm started to stand out from a different aspect. And that is that it highlights only one of the multiple objects. In fact, it was seen that white skinned people came to the fore in the photos with both white and dark skinned people after people tried them. This has fueled racism debates on the platform.

Bitcoin Highlights

Leaving these discussions aside, we shared the Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) logos to use the algorithm for comparison purposes only. In this comparison we made between 2 important crypto currencies, Twitter’s new algorithm brought Bitcoin to the fore in both photos.

By clicking on the photos in the Twitter share, you can see the original versions. We used 2 separate photos to test the algorithm. One of the photos featured the ETH logo on top, and the other with the BTC logo on top. Twitter featured BTC in both photos, regardless of the location of the logos.

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