Twitter Works On Button To Remove Mentions in Conversations


Twitter is working on a number of functions still in the early stages of implementation. One of them in particular drew attention, revealed by the platform’s own product designer, Dominic Camozzi.

It is a feature that allows the user to remove mentions to their profile in a conversation, preventing them from receiving new notifications or being triggered by responses. This can be done if you have been misquoted, are not part of that topic, or simply don’t want to be bothered.

The novelty would be implemented without the need to block or silence users. The option is in the same options menu to follow the people involved or report the tweet and it is only possible to remove the mentions of yourself, without changing the status of the others involved.

Also according to the images released, the removal does not generate any kind of warning to others involved in the tweet.

According to Camozzi, the function is still in its early stages of development and there is no guarantee that it will be made official, as well as other news on the social network. Community suggestions are welcomed in the designer feed to help the team change the look or feel of the new feature before possible implementation.


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