Twitter works on a function to call your followers


Twitter continues to improve its functions with which to convince its users that it is more of a social network where messages are shared in real time. The firm has more and more capabilities, not to mention the projects it still has in development. And to the latter we must add a new function in development called Audio Space so that you can talk to your followers.

A new communication format on Twitter

Social networks are the preferred method of many to communicate with those closest to them. However, there are some that have adopted features of the messaging systems in order to give you an additional channel with which to talk to your followers. On Twitter you have many ways to contact all the people who use the app, but soon you will have one where you can call them by voice.

According to the engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, Twitter is working on a function called Audio Space. He himself defines it as a room in which you can speak by voice with any day of your followers or those who have mentioned you. It is a very interesting proposal for many, although it brings with it some unknowns.

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