Twitter will transfer @POTUS account to Joe Biden


In the process of changing the presidential office in the USA, it is necessary to fulfill quite a number of procedures. In the modern era, management of social media accounts belonging to the presidency has been added to the list of things that need attention in this process. When Joe Biden and his team arrive at the White House next month, they will take over some Twitter accounts with zero follower counts.

The first among these accounts is the @POTUS account used by the US President. More than 33.2 million people are currently following this account. The White House (@WhiteHouse) with 26 million followers, @FLOTUS with 16.4 million followers used by the wife of the US President, and the spokesperson accounts will also be transferred to the Biden administration.

According to Bloomberg’s report, the account named @ transition46, used by the team during the transition process, will turn into a White House account. Users will also be shown suggestions on the homepage to follow the personal account of the elected president Joe Biden and his @WhiteHouse profile.

When Donald Trump took over the presidency in 2017, the tweets sent from the @POTUS account under Barack Obama were transferred to the @ POTUS44 account. The followers of this account were left untouched. The number of followers will be reset while the account is transferred from Trump to Biden.

Rob Flaherty, one of the digital directors of the Biden team, stated that they did not want the number of followers to be reset to Twitter; however, he stated that the microblog service did not accept this request. Twitter, on the other hand, in a statement sent to Bloomberg regarding the issue, was content with stating that it was working with the transition team for the transfer of the White House accounts.

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