Twitter Will Tag Hacked Content Instead of Removing


Social media giant Twitter will add another measure to the measures it takes against hacked content and begin to tag them instead of removing them. In this way, people will be informed beforehand while reading the contents.

Social media giant Twitter can, from time to time, unintentionally turn into a platform that hosts some posts that can cause very bad results. Some of these content may contain content that tries to spread some malicious, false or false information.

Any content shared with the Tweet on Twitter and containing hacking is immediately removed from the platform as it is on other social media platforms. Since such content can lead people to wrong ideas, they can also harm people. However, Twitter is considering taking a new measure for such posts.

Twitter will not remove content:

Vijaya Gadde, one of the executives of Twitter, stated in a post he made on the platform that Twitter will no longer remove such content from the platform. However, this did not mean that all content would not be removed. If the content was posted by the hackers themselves, that content would be deleted.

According to the continuation of the statement, Twitter will no longer remove the contents and will start tagging the posts instead. The platform will notify other Twitter users by posting a label that the content may contain manipulated content. All the rules that Twitter applies for sharing or linking content will continue to be applied in the same way.

One of the recent events that triggered such a measure on Twitter was a report involving former US Vice President and current Presidential Candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. After the news was published, it turned out that this content was actually the result of a hacking.

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The fact that Twitter was removing such content was actually fueling the fire that started to burn. Because when a content that was already spreading to people was removed from the platform, people could start to spread it more. Thanks to the new measure, Twitter will be able to add tags to the content, allowing people who read the content to approach this content carefully.


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