Twitter Will Remove Published Media Without Consent; Understand


Twitter announced this Tuesday (30) changes to its security and privacy policies. The platform will remove content such as photos and videos from third parties, published without consent, which are flagged through complaints. Media will be removed as soon as the company is notified.

“When we are notified by the portrayed individuals, or an authorized representative, that they have not consented to having their private image or video shared, we will remove them,” Twitter said in a blog post.

The new measure is an extension of existing policies that prohibit the publication of private information, such as addresses, telephone numbers and identities, without consent. Despite criticism of the tool’s potential to be “used to deliberately stifle freedom of expression on the platform,” Twitter said the context in which the images were posted will be considered.

Public interest

Images that are publicly available on news sites or that “add value to public speaking, are being shared in the public interest, or are relevant to the community” will not be removed. However, public interest media that contain nude or sexual content will be removed from the site.

Media by public figures, such as people mentioned in the press, elected officials, political leaders and celebrities, do not violate the guidelines. Just like people at protests or sporting events. Only if the intent is to “harass, intimidate or use fear to silence them, can we remove the content, in line with our policy against abusive behavior”.

Twitter also added that recognized users can share private images and videos in order to help someone involved in a crisis situation, to report a violent event or as part of an event of public interest.