Twitter Will Remove Accounts Not Logged in for More Than 6 Months


Twitter, the popular social media platform, has begun to send alert emails to users whose accounts have been inactive for a long time. As of December 11, the US company plans to completely remove inactive accounts for more than 6 months.

As one of the most preferred social media platforms in the world, Twitter takes action for accounts that do not have user activity even though it is open. The Verge website reports that the company will start sending emails to users whose accounts are inactive, and will take action from 11 December and completely remove accounts that have not been logged in for more than 6 months.

As part of our commitment to providing a healthy public speaking environment, we are working to clear inactive accounts to provide more accurate and reliable information that people can rely on,the Twitter spokesperson told the website.

As stated in our inactive accounts policy, the spokesperson said that they encourage people to actively log in and use Twitter when they open an account. We started to reach via e-mail ”.

The emails that Twitter sends to inactive accounts include:
To continue using Twitter, you must accept the applicable Terms, Privacy Policy and Cookie Use. This not only allows you to make the best decisions about the information you share with us, but also allows you to continue using your Twitter account. However, you must first log in before 11 December 2019 and follow the on-screen instructions, otherwise your account will be removed from Twitter ”


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