Twitter Will Put Ads on The Fleets


Twitter: Internet pages always need a way to generate income in some way or another. Some are postulated as a point to make yourself known to the world and allow you to place yourself in advantageous positions for it. Sure, for that you have to pay the social network, but this service also needs another source of income that has to do with advertising. Twitter has this well learned and that is why now he wants to take advantage of the Fleets by advertising on them.

New Ads on Twitter Fleets

Twitter is one of the social networks most used by users. Right now it is being updated in different areas such as verified profiles. The funny thing is that it took a short time to close and reopen the account verification procedure, but this does not mean that he does not have other plans on which to focus his energies. In these circumstances, Twitter seems to take a step forward with the inclusion of the ads on the fleets.

In case you hadn’t noticed, at the top of the application there is a new section where small short videos appear. These are the Fleets, which will soon become a new space in which to put ads. At least this is what they have in the blog of the firm itself, where they point out that they seek to “understand how this content works for clients, not only for Fleet ads, but for future interactions of full-screen formats on Twitter” .

The format chosen for this type of promoted publications, as you can see in the attached photo, is 9:16, which is none other than the panoramic vertical format. This works for both photos and videos, which should be no more than 30 seconds long.

Metrics available to advertisers

Twitter is working on the ads on its fleets, something that will surely help you generate extra income. for the creators of the campaigns there will be a statistics section designed to read the results. They will be different depending on the format, since it is not the same to see a video than a photograph. At the moment, the project is in operation in the United States for both iOS and Android users.