Twitter will Limit Visibility of Copy – Paste Tweets


Twitter announced that it will limit the visibility of Tweets sent in the form of copy-paste to prevent spam attacks on the platform. However, it is not yet known how the company will make this limitation.

If you are using Twitter, you may have come across Tweets posted as copy-paste many times before. The company announced that they will prevent this situation with a Tweet from their Twitter Communications (@TwitterComms) account.

In the post made on TwitterComms account, he explained that the sharing accounts will limit the visibility of their Tweets by copying and pasting without making any changes to the sentences in the original source.

Copy – paste The visibility of Tweets will be limited

As you know, Twitter has a feature that allows a Tweet to be copied on both Android and iOS applications: Pressing the Tweet for a long time. So when you open the Tweet and press it for a few seconds, you can copy that Tweet.

Twitter has not yet made a statement on how it will limit the visibility of posted Tweets. The company often displays a warning message if the platform’s rules are violated. When someone wants to read this Tweet, they can read it without any problem.

Copy & paste Tweets are often used for large-scale ‘spamming’. In addition, Tweets from people who post the original Tweet can also be copied and pasted and stolen. The company had previously taken measures for Tweets that were posted in copy-paste style, but it is the first time that this announcement is made.

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Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey said in an interview earlier this year that the company could start tracking how many times a link in a post has been copied and pasted. At the moment, it is not known how active or when these rules that Twitter introduced to prevent copy-paste Tweets will be effective.


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