Twitter will get paid posts with new Super Follow function


Twitter announced a major change to its social network today (25): the company unveiled Super Follow, a new feature that allows charging for exclusive publications. The novelty works through a subscription, which will have the value defined by the owner of the profile.

As Twitter exemplifies, popular users of the social network will be able to stipulate a monthly fee to offer extra content to payers. In addition to tweets, the subscription could also be used to offer other benefits, including access to a group on the social network and discounts, for example.

Exclusive content will appear in the social network feed with a check indicating that only paying users will be able to view or reply to the post. Twitter will also offer the option of using a special badge showing that you are a Super Follower of an account, similar to what happens when subscribing to channels on other services, such as YouTube and Twitch.

Monetization and community

According to Twitter, the goal of Super Follow is to offer an option within the social network for content creators to receive money from fans. The trend is that the social network also charges a fee for using the function, which will guarantee yet another form of monetization for the platform.

Twitter has not yet commented on what may be the fee charged for carrying out the service. It is worth remembering that the company owns the Revue newsletters service, which also offers subscriptions and charges 5% of the amount received by the creators monthly.

In addition to monetization, the new Super Follow tool should also promote the creation of groups within Twitter. The company even said it has plans to launch a tool called “Communities”.

According to Twitter, the novelty will allow to create divisions in the social network focused on specific subjects. The tool is possibly a response to Facebook Groups, which have grown in engagement in recent years and have become one of the focuses of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

Although the news revealed today are large, Twitter did not say when Super Follow and the Communities function will be released on the social network.


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