Twitter Will Finally Let You Report Messages That Cause Misinformation


Twitter: Information moves quickly on the Internet. Barely a few minutes pass from an event and there is already visual content and information about what happened. Social networks have a lot to do with this, but in the same way that true data is provided, there are also users who do just the opposite. But little by little this is changing thanks to the help of functions such as Twitter that allows you to report messages that cause misinformation.

Finally, the function of Twitter reports arrives in Spain

Social networks have sometimes helped information about a topic to spread like wildfire. In a matter of minutes, if you follow the right accounts, you can know what is happening in all parts of the world, but this is not always the case. Unfortunately, there are users who are dedicated to launching false testimonials about a hot topic of the moment, or simply an opinion that has no basis.

This can be a problem for the social network and for the users themselves. But this may seem more serious due to the fact that the company does not really have eyes everywhere and therefore needs a little support from users. In the United States it has been working for a long time, but finally the possibility of reporting misleading content arrives in Spain.

How to report a misleading tweet on Twitter

At the moment, the social network of the little bird is updating its systems to bring its new reports of misleading content to Spain and more countries. This feature will be available by clicking on the three dots that appear in the message to be reported and then clicking on the ‘is misleading’ option. Yes, it’s that simple, and everything will remain in the hands of the company to study the case.

In fact, there is a table of priorities when making this type of review. And it is that an account with few followers will not be as important as the account of a public figure or influencer that moves more masses. It will be in these last cases where the company will pay more attention, putting some type of sanction whenever it sees it necessary.

If you remember, during the confinement period, the social network and other websites focused on promulgating official channels so that everyone was duly informed about the latest data on COVID-19. This is something that must continue, although it is up to users to put their trust in depending on which profiles and what they want to do with them.