Twitter will fight against misinformation with Birdwatch


Twitter is testing a new experimental tool called Birdwatch. Micro blogging service aims to help prevent the spread of false information online with this new tool.

Social media consultant Matt Navara shared screenshots showing how Twitter’s new feature works in his mobile app. Birdwatch seems to be added to the dropdown menu with tools such as “Mute”, “Block” and “Don’t Report”.

When a post is added to Birdwatch by users, it will mean that that content is flagged for moderator review. Users will be able to share why they mark relevant content privately or publicly. Micro blogging service will add another icon that looks like glasses or binoculars under the tweets. When this icon is tapped, it will be possible to see the Birdwatch notes for the tweet in question. In the “Birdwatch Notes” tab to be added to the interface, the contributions of users with Birdwatch up to now will be displayed.

The existence of the vehicle in question was discovered by researcher Jane Manchun Wong last August. At that time, the vehicle that seemed much simpler did not have a name.

Twitter has not provided detailed information about Birdwatch for now. In the statement sent by the company to TechCrunch, it was confirmed that Birdwatch was developed to prevent the spread of false information.


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