Twitter will censor web links promoting violence and hatred


Twitter is a very powerful social network, since in its immediacy, viralization capacity and the option to broadcast in real time it is basically the best tool there is to find out instantly what is happening anywhere in the world.

The problem is that its creators have recognized that they have not moderated it well enough, and Twitter is a well of trolls, embitters, flamers and others. Although the network tries to improve, and above all not to let itself be used.

Blocking links on Twitter

In the face of the moment in which we live, and with events such as the upcoming elections for the President of the United States, Twitter does not want its platform to be used as a portal to promote harmful and dangerous behavior, and has announced the measure that from Tomorrow, July 30, he will block on his platform the links that lead to web pages that promote violence and hatred.

The truth is that the platform already had measures to ban tweets that promote hateful behavior and violence, but now it will also extend it to the content linked in the tweets. In this sense, the company will send a warning notice to users when they click on a link or block it from being tweeted, which says the following:

“If we have blocked a link, you will see an error message when you try to include it in your tweet or direct message or in your profile. The message says: ‘You cannot complete this action because Twitter or our partners identified this link as potentially harmful.”

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Malware, Phishing, Spam, Terrorism

Twitter may block links whose content is related to:


– ‘Phishing’ attempts

– Spam links

As well as those who violate company rules, such as links that include

– Terrorism and violent extremism

– Child sexual exploitation

– violence

– hateful behavior

– Private information

– Pirated material


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