Twitter users are surprised by the money they earn from donations!


The popular social media platform Twitter did not get what was expected from the Super Follow feature. Users could not reach the donation amount they expected.


Many popular social media platforms allow content producers to make money with their donation system. While services such as TikTok, Twitch and YouTube lead the industry in donations; another platform is testing this system. The microblogging network Twitter is trying to make money for its users, but it doesn’t seem very successful in this regard.

Twitter failed with Super Follow feature

Announced in February and launched in the USA and Canada in September, the Super Follow feature was aimed at users sharing content on Twitter to earn money from their followers. This function, which was only tested on iOS, only gave a certain number of content producers the chance to collect donations. In the two-week period, the total amount of money provided to producers emerged.

Super Follow, which is only open to a limited number of users for now, still provides support for less than 100 internet phenomena. The feature, which is currently unknown when it will be released to the global market, does not support Android and Web platforms.

Twitter earned a total of $6,000 to content producers over a two-week period. According to the analysis published by Sensor Tower, users in Canada were much more indifferent to the Twitter Super Follow feature. In this marketplace, users donated only $600 over the two-week period.

Twitter offered users three subscription types for the Super Follow feature. The prices of these support packages vary as $2.99, $4.99 and $9.99.

Higher earnings will increase the commission rate

Regardless, Twitter relies heavily on this feature as it has 169 million daily potential customers. In addition, the platform, which receives a 3 percent commission from the money collected, sees the feature as a revenue stream.

Twitter plans to increase the commission for creators who raise more than $50,000 in donations. However, the total earnings are not even $6,000 yet. However, if a user receives donations of more than 50 thousand dollars; Twitter will increase the 3 percent commission to 20 percent.

Three big companies will split half of the money.

Apart from these commissions, another commission to content producers will come from Google and Apple. These two firms will receive a 30 percent commission from users who want to transfer the money to their account. In other words, users who earn more than 50 thousand dollars in total will waive half of their earnings.


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