Twitter Users Are Just Learning About The Plot of The Tom Brady Movie “80 for Brady”, and They Have a Lot of Thoughts


Ever since Tom Brady canceled his retirement from the NFL, fans have still seen him often, but not just on the field. Recently, he has been involved in other projects, including the production of films for the big screen. You will be able to see him in the upcoming movie “80 for Brady” along with some real Hollywood royalty. The film was promoted for several months, but it seems that Twitter users only recently found out what it was about. With this, they turned to the social media platform to express their thoughts on this.

80 for Brady are four elderly women (played by acting legends Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno and Sally Field) who are fans of the New England Patriots. In the fairy tale, the band travels to Houston to see their hero, Tom Brady, play at Super Bowl LI. Since it hasn’t been released yet, we can’t judge the film yet, but people are still expressing their honest thoughts about what has been presented so far. In one tweet there was a very piquant reaction to the release of the film:

Are they really putting this Brady movie in theaters?!?!

This is a very honest answer, to say the least. Comedies can definitely be successful or unsuccessful, especially those in which veterans see characters caught in bizarre situations. Poms is the kind of movie that brought together Diane Keaton, Jackie Weaver and Rhea Perlman as a group that creates a support group just to stand up. Unfortunately, the film was the worst box office failure of 2019. As for Brady, another Twitter user reacted negatively to the upcoming film:

Is this movie “80 for Brady” the worst and most pointless waste of the talents of four great actresses in age? Like… does it look too unfunny and stupid?

Probably, this is not the first film that could be invented for the winners of the Golden Globe and Oscar. At that time, they were doing almost everything, from comedy to drama. 80 for Brady may not reach the heights of Steel Magnolias or 9 to 5, but I think at least it’s Guy Fieri and football madness, right? And there are those who would like to watch the film and support its stars, as evidenced by this tweet with mixed reviews:


Football ties certainly have deep roots, and because of this, there are many people who prefer to root for Tom Brady both on and off the field. But, of course, for many, any opposition they feel to the famous defender may be overshadowed by their love for the actresses involved. Although one social network user seems to have made his position clear:

This Brady movie looks terrible.

Tell us how you really feel. A common feature of these comments is that some of them come up with their own ideas for alternative storylines. In one post on Twitter there was another thought about how these famous actresses can be on screen together, and this concerns Jimmy Kimmel live!:

Well, at least the quarterback who won the Super Bowl enjoyed the love and respect of his colleagues during filming. Jane Fonda admitted that her knees “buckled” Brady. Nevertheless, it is quite obvious that the film will get its share of critics. Another Twitter response was particularly cruel towards his poster:

Of course, we still don’t know how the film will work. This may well surprise people. But judging by the comments on social networks, 80-year-old Brady will have a long trip across the field to prove himself in front of potential viewers. Let’s see how things turn out after the release of the film starring Tom Brady on February 3 as part of the release schedule of the new film for 2023.


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