A Twitter User Shared the Promotional Video of Fitbit Charge 4


The promotional video of Fitbit’s new future model Charge 4 has appeared on Twitter. According to the information in the shared video, Fitbit Charge 4 will come with many new features such as GPS, which is not in the previous model.

A promotional video shared by a Twitter user’s personal account showed that a new Fitbit device is on the way. The leak video published in Dutch has excited the enthusiasts of the technology as Fitbit Charge 4 seems more ambitious than the previous model.

According to the information in the video published, Fitbit Charge 4 will go on sale with the GPS feature, which was missing in the previous model. The most striking part of the device that allows users to track their own runs, bike trips and much more is that they can do them without being connected to a phone.

Features in Fitbit Charge 3 will also be available in Charge 4:

The device, where the promotional video is revealed, is expected to include the NFC feature for Fitbit Payments. We can say that the features in Fitbit Charge 3 such as swimming, sleeping, exercise tracking, receiving notifications from the phone, controlling the music on the phone, controlling the timer and alarms will also be included in this device.

The Fitbit Charge 4, which is stated to be able to withstand up to 50 meters under water, will also offer its users fitness features such as how long to exercise. On the other hand, although Fitbit is currently within Google, it is unfortunately not available if it knows if it will include Google features.

Fitbit Charge 4 price:
According to the news of the site WinFuture, Fitbit Charge 4 will take its place on the shelves with a price tag of 149 euro. On the other hand, the Fitbit Charge 4 SE model, which comes out with more straps from the box, will be waiting for its buyers from 169 euros.

The device is expected to have similar prices in the US as well. When we consider the leaked video and information, we can say that the official announcement of Fitbit Charge 4 is close. If there is any improvement in this process, we will continue to inform you.


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