Twitter unblocks Trump after inciting violence in U.S.


Earlier on Thursday (7), Twitter reactivated the account of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, twelve hours after blocking him for divulging a series of false information, while protesters invaded the Capitol, the seat of the North American Congress. American in Washington.

The penalty was the most severe imposed on Trump, and was motivated by a series of tweets published on Wednesday (6), in which the president defeated in the elections launched several untrue statements about the campaign, even claiming that the votes were “ plucked from the great patriots ”, released when an angry mob attacked and plundered the seat of the US legislature.

Twitter demanded that Trump delete three messages, initially flagged by the platform to not receive likes, retweets or comments, to regain access to his account. However, he made it clear that he may permanently suspend the president if he continues to insist on violating the rules of the community.

Using social media as a weapon

Facebook and Instagram also suspended Trump’s posts this week for 24 hours, starting on Wednesday night, thus joining Google’s Twitter and YouTube to block videos released by the president. Facebook has guaranteed that it will remove all content posted by users that promote riots similar to those seen yesterday in the American capital.

According to the Washington Post, the President of the United States has been using social media as a weapon since he lost the presidential race to Joe Biden. The threat of more violent acts, coupled with Donald Trump’s systematic disinformation campaign, has prompted several critics to ask Silicon Valley companies to suspend the president of social media altogether during his term.

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While this mediation is taking place, Trumpists are migrating en masse to alternative platforms, such as Parler, which has allowed the spread of hate speech and apology for violence.


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