Twitter Unblock Donald Trump: The First Post Is A Video


Twitter lifted the restriction imposed on US President Donald Trump’s account. Trump, who made a post on this, described the incident of the senate raid in the USA as “disgusting”. If Trump continues to follow Twitter’s rules, he will be able to maintain his presence on Twitter.

The other day, there were events in the USA where it was not possible to meet his wife. Trump, who suffered a serious defeat in the Presidential Elections held in November and addressed his supporters with a rally, caused people to be angry. It was reported that at least 4 people died in the incidents that followed. In addition, Trump started an attempt to block Trump from US-based social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat prevented Trump from sharing. Yesterday evening, Facebook and Instagram announced that Donald Trump’s account was blocked indefinitely.

On the other hand, it did not take an approach like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. With the expiration of the ban, Twitter made the account available again, allowing Donald Trump to post. The first post that defeated President Trump made after 12 hours was a video of about 3 minutes. Moreover, Trump sharing this video seemed not Trump who caused yesterday’s events to happen.

Some shares in the account have been removed

When we look at Donald Trump’s Twitter account, we see that some posts have been removed, and there are warnings on Twitter for some posts. However, the account is now available as before. Also, when we look at the last post Trump made, we can say that he seems to have learned from the events.

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Trump made a public address in his last post. Donald Trump, who described the attack on the Senate building as “disgusting”, declared that the events were against the US democracy. In addition, Trump, who said that those responsible for the incident will pay for what they did, did not stand behind the followers he had ‘brought gas’ yesterday.

Donald Trump’s first post after the restriction


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