Twitter Turns Who Can Answer Feature To All Its Users


The popular social media platform Twitter has introduced the feature of selecting people who can respond to Tweets it has tested since May. This feature can now be accessed from both its applications and the website.

In a news we shared with you last week, we mentioned that Twitter has also published the feature that allows you to determine the people who can reply to the tweets for iOS. The social media giant has finally started to offer this feature to all its users.

With the feature published for both Twitter’s website and apps, users will be able to choose who can reply to their Tweets before posting. Who can answer is collected in 3 options.

Who can answer feature is now available for all users

Users can choose who can reply to their Tweet from three options: everyone, the people you follow, and only the people you mention. If only the people you mentioned option is selected but no one is mentioned in the Tweet, it means that no one can reply to the Tweet. However, this feature does not affect retweet and retweet with comments.

This change is just one of Twitter’s attempts to make conversations and conversations on its platform healthier in recent years. Twitter has been working on this feature since May. The company said they observed in tests that this feature reduces abusive Tweets.

In a blog post, Twitter executive Suzanne Xie said that these settings made an average of three abusive Tweets retweet with one potentially abusive comment, while there was no increase in spam direct messages. Xie said in her blog post:

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“Different views can still be shared with the comment with the retweet feature, which sometimes reaches more users than the original Tweet. Several times retweets with comments have found more likes and views than the original Tweet, and some even had a lot more followers who posted the original Tweet.”


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