Twitter turns on response restriction for all users


Twitter is opening the response limitation feature to all users of the iOS application. The micro blogging service started testing the feature in May. This feature, which is available to a limited number of users in the first place, seems to be ready for large-scale use.

Twitter’s application page in the App Store contains the following statements regarding the relevant update: “In May, we started testing a method that allows you to chat with exactly the people you want, thus making it possible to create more meaningful changes. Now everyone can use this new feature and choose who can respond to their tweets. ”

In order to take advantage of this feature, it is necessary to touch the box that says “Everyone can respond” on the new tweet creation screen above the keyboard. Here, there are three options: “Everyone”, “People you follow” and “People you just mentioned”. It is set as the preferred default among these three options.

This feature is among the recent interesting changes of Twitter. The response limitation feature, which also creates new communication and entertainment methods on the platform, makes it easier to escape harassment. However, it is stated that this feature can undermine the dialogue, which is one of the important elements of Twitter.

Twitter has not yet provided information on when to bring response restrictions to Android and the web.

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