Twitter to Bring Tweet Editing Button (But with One Condition)


There has been an improvement in Twitter’s tweet editing feature that has been expected for years. Platform officials said this might be possible. However, the Twitter team provided users with a condition for this feature to be active.

As one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, Twitter is one of the frequent points of internet users today. The widespread use of the platform even causes users to set an agenda on Twitter, and the developer team, who is aware of this situation, does not try their best to provide a better experience for the users.

There is a feature that Twitter users have wanted to come for a very long time. This feature allows users to edit their posts. The platform has not shown a clear attitude to this issue to date. However, users have always made sure that the tweet editing feature will definitely come one day. Now, Twitter has made a remarkable statement on the subject.

Tweet editing can be done but on one condition

In the statements made from the official account of the platform, it was stated that the users could get an edit button. In fact, this was a great good news. Because users could finally have a feature they had been waiting for years. Despite this, Twitter has made tweet editing a condition. So what was this condition?

Here is the condition that Twitter offers regarding the tweet editing feature.

Twitter officials say that the edit button will be possible only when everyone wears a mask. The coronavirus epidemic, which has collapsed like a nightmare all over the world since the first days of 2020, has been considered by Twitter administrators and the company has put the condition for this important feature over the coronavirus outbreak.


The easiest way to combat the coronavirus outbreak is to use a mask. This is an unforgettable fact already known to everyone. However, it is evident that this measure has not been followed adequately worldwide. So if you have been waiting for this feature for a long time, you should not forget that the tweet editing button may not come easily. In the coming days, we may be pregnant with a lot about Twitter’s tweet editing button.


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