Twitter to ban anyone posting fake news about covid-19


Twitter announced last Monday (02) that it will take new measures to avoid misinformation about covid-19 and vaccines. According to the platform, anyone who is punished five times for false information will be permanently banned from the social network.

The company talked about the measure on its official blog. She argued that the new system of strikes (temporary suspensions) will help educate the public about the policies of the virtual environment. The purpose of the action is to reduce the spread of information classified as “potentially harmful and misleading”.

Since the beginning of this week, tweets with incorrect data or lies about the disease and immunizers are being marked with a specific label warning about the potentially false content. Since the end of last year, when Twitter began to actively combat fake news about the pandemic, more than 8,400 publications have been removed.

“We are not only focused on complying with the Twitter Rules, but also on helping people find reliable health information and partnering with experts. We continue to work closely with local, national and global public health authorities, ”argued the company.

How punishments will work
The social network explained that the disinformation labels will be applied by the company’s team. Assessments will help automated tools to learn what is considered disinformation. The idea is to eventually use the joint work of human and machine review to improve the capture of fake news.

The label will be applied in the language in which the accounts are registered. The banning system will work like this on accounts that are caught spreading lies:

A violation: no action on the account
Two violations: account lockout for 12 hours
Three violations: account lockout for 12 hours
Four violations: account lockout for seven days
Five or more violations: permanent ban
The social network also explained that users will be notified of each measure taken and that they can request an assessment if they believe the suspension was unfair or incorrect.


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