Twitter Tips with crypto money support is open to everyone!


Twitter Tips feature will be available to everyone very soon. In this way, content producers will be able to receive donations from their followers.


The popular social media network Twitter makes the donation system available to everyone. According to the statements, there will be cryptocurrencies in the system, which has many payment options to choose from!

Making money from Twitter will be possible and very practical for all users from now on, thanks to the Tips feature. In this way, users will have the chance to financially support the accounts they follow fondly. On the other hand, this feature; It can also be used to contribute to small businesses or to participate in social responsibility campaigns.

How does Twitter Tips work?

Very soon all users will see a money icon next to the Follow button on their profile page. This icon will mean that the account is available for payment. Tapping the icon will bring up a list of payment services or platforms that the account has enabled. You will be able to make your donation through the platform of your choice.

The platforms that currently support Twitter Tips are known as:

  • bandcamp
  • Cash App
  • Chipper
  • Patreon
  • Razorpay
  • Wealthsimple Cash
  • Venmo
  • GoFundMe
  • PicPay

Bitcoin donation period on Twitter!

In addition to the services Tips has enabled, Strike, now a payment app built over the Bitcoin Lightning Network that allows people to send and receive Bitcoin, can also be opted for tips. You will be able to make instant and free payments worldwide through Strike; You will be able to gift BTC to your favorite content producers.

People in eligible markets will need to sign up for a Strike account and add their Strike username to receive Bitcoin tips over the Lightning Network. You can use any Bitcoin Lightning wallet to tip someone’s Strike account.

When you activate the Tips feature in your profile, you will now be able to add your Bitcoin addresses. People can copy your address; can then paste it into a Bitcoin wallet of their choice to send you a direct payment.

Twitter will roll out Tips first to users on iOS and then to all users on Android in the coming weeks. You will need to be over 18 to enable tips or send someone a tip. At the same time, you will be asked to accept the security policy prepared by Twitter on this subject.


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