Twitter tests tool to unsubscribe from publications


Twitter is testing a tool to unsubscribe from publications. The discovery was announced on the social network itself, last Friday (5), by Jane Manchun Wong, blogger specialized in technology.

According to the GIF shared by Jane, the feature functions as a button that appears to the user before the tweet is published. The functionality allows the person to stop a post in about 5 seconds.

This was not, however, the first time that the feature appeared to the public. In a survey launched last year, Twitter even asked if the public would like to have an option to undo a tweet. In the consultation, however, it was said that the window would give the user 30 seconds to think whether or not he would like to share the message with the world.

Gmail has a very similar device, which allows you to undo sending an email. For some time, the service has offered a button to stop sending an e-mail.

Various news

Twitter recently revealed that it has ambitious goals by 2023. The social network plans to reach 315 million active monetizable users in the next two years.

To achieve the goal, there are several novelties that are hanging around the network. In February, for example, the platform began testing a feature for sending audio messages at DM. In the same period, the “Super Follow” was revealed, a function that allows popular profiles to charge for exclusive content.


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