Twitter Tests New Reactions With Emojis in Posts


Twitter started testing a new way to react to messages posted on the platform, which is already well known to those who use other social networks and messaging apps. These are the reactions with emojis in the tweets, which were released on a temporary basis to users of the service in Turkey, starting this Thursday (9).

In the coming days, users will be able to use, in addition to the traditional “like” button, characterized by the heart icon, four more options to react to a post. The thoughtful emoji, the face with tears of joy, the crying face and the clapping icon were added.

To use them, you need to press the like button for a few seconds, opening the list of options and choosing the desired sticker, while a quick touch triggers the traditional red heart. The novelty is available in apps for Android and iOS, in addition to the web version of the social network.

According to Twitter, the new feature gives people more options to show how they feel about a particular post. The company also stated that it is attentive to feedback from Turkish users, which will be decisive for making the tool available in other countries.

No negative reactions

A curious fact caught our attention in the test of reactions with emojis on Twitter: there are no icons of negative feelings, such as anger and frustration. According to the microblog, they were not included in the experiment due to responses given by internet users in a recent survey.

According to the company, respondents were concerned about receiving negative reactions to some of their shared thoughts. Thinking about “supporting a healthy public conversation”, the platform chose not to make these icons available, at least for the time being.

Remember that in 2020, reactions with emojis in direct messages were released, containing a greater number of options, including icons of negative feelings that were left out of the new test.


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