Twitter Tests ‘Instagram look’ For Photos and Videos


Twitter: After getting a new look and debuting the Chirp font last month, Twitter is testing yet another design change. As announced on Tuesday (7), the social network changed the way of viewing images on the timeline, a change that comes first to the app for iOS.

With the new layout, photos, videos and GIFs are now displayed in full screen on the users’ timeline (see the tweet below), similar to what happens on Instagram and other platforms. According to the microblog, the objective is to facilitate the visualization of these contents, which previously appeared cut off.

In addition, the novelty could help Twitter eliminate concerns about its controversial image-cropping algorithm, accused of racism. On some occasions, the tool had a tendency to favor the display of white faces, a problem that was confirmed by the company itself.

This change in viewing photos and videos will also offer “better support for visual and text-based conversations,” as the social network explained to The Verge. However, some of the users who already had access to the new timeline seem not to like the change.

When is it enough for everyone?

For now, displaying images stretched to full width, eliminating the edges of tweets, is only available to a small group of Twitter app users for iOS. It is not yet known if the novelty will be released on Android and the web version of the platform.

As this is a testing phase, the company still has to make some adjustments before launching the new timeline for everyone, in case this really happens. On the social network, users who tested the novelty reported that the layout is confusing and caused a headache.

Another feature being tested on the microblog is the possibility of removing followers from your profile, an alternative to blocking and silencing accounts.


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