Twitter Tests Function That Removes Followers From Your Profile


Twitter has started testing a new “cleanup” feature on a profile that works much lighter than a profile lock or silence.

The novelty is a mechanism for a person to remove other users from their list of followers. That way, anyone you’d like not to follow your tweets might feel that there are simply no new posts on the timeline — when in fact, they’re no longer a follower for a variety of reasons.

The resource is considered by the company itself as an “easier way to be the curator of its own list of followers”. To do this, just go to the list of users who follow you, click on the three dot icon on each unwanted user and confirm the option “Remove this follower”.

Users who have been removed from the list do not suffer any kind of punishment or limitation: upon noticing the change, they can simply re-follow the account in question without any problems. For now, the function is in the testing phase and there is no prediction of when (or if) it will be made official.


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