Twitter Tests a Feature That Will Make Users Rethink Before Replying a Tweet


Twitter; it had made a very radical change recently and ended the tweet SMS notification service in many countries. The US-based social media platform is now experimenting with a new feature that will make you think for the last time before tweeting.

Twitter is testing a new feature on the platform that can reduce bullying and harassment. As part of the tests, the company will ask users if they want to rethink the responses before they start sending potentially offensive tweets. When users click the ‘Send’ button, they will be told whether the words in their tweets are similar to the words reported and they will be asked if they want to correct the message.

The following statement was made on Twitter: “If your tweet contains a potentially harmful language to allow you to rethink a response, we are running a limited experiment on iOS with a system that offers the option to review your post before posting it.”

Twitter acted against malicious messages:
As can be seen from the description, the feature is currently being tested on devices with iOS operating system. We’ll have to wait and see when the feature will come to Android. However, Twitter has been under pressure for a long time to delete hateful and swear posts from the platform.

Sunita Saligram, the name responsible for Twitter’s global security policy, stated that they are trying to encourage people to rethink their behavior and language before tweeting. So much so that users who find themselves in the middle of a hot discussion can use the expressions they never wanted in their tweets.

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According to the policies of the US-based company, users are not allowed to target people with racist, sexist and derogatory content. According to Twitter’s transparency report, the company took action against nearly 396 thousand accounts within the framework of abuse policies and more than 58 thousand within the framework of abuse policies between January and June last year.


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