Twitter tests audio direct messages for private ones


Twitter has doubled the character limit, has allowed us to upload photos, videos, and for a few months even send audio notes within a Tweet. Each Voice Tweet can be up to 140 seconds of audio, and if you fall short you can keep talking, because once you reach the time limit for a Tweet, a new Voice Tweet automatically starts creating a thread.

Direct voice messages via Twitter

Once you’re done, tap the Done button to end your recording and return to the composer screen to Tweet. People will see your voice Tweet appear on their timeline along with other Tweets. To hear it, just tap on the image. The advantage if you have iOS is that the playback will start in a new window anchored at the bottom of your timeline and you will be able to listen while scrolling the screen.

And once the public voice tweets are ready, Twitter is going to get to work with the same, but for DMs, direct / private messages: The social network has announced the start of testing a new function to allow platform users to send voice messages through direct messages.

Twitter Direct Messages Product Manager Alex Ackerman-Greenberg told The Verge that the company will soon test voice MDs. And he has done it precisely using a voice tweet: “We know that people want more options about how they express themselves in conversations on Twitter, both in public and in private”

The voice messages will arrive first in Brazil, and will have a simple and functional interface: There will be a play and pause button, as well as an option to report a message in case any user misuses direct voice messages .

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How to send voice messages on Twitter
At the moment only for iOS, voice tweets still do not go out for Android, and therefore direct voice messages will also reach iOS first – although Twitter could surprise and release them on Android as well. Here’s how to record and send a voice tweet:

  1. Open the Twitter app on your mobile
  2. Click the compose tweet icon in the lower right corner (the writing pen)
  3. The interface to compose a Tweet will open. Look at the central line, where the camera icon and the most recent photos from the mobile gallery appear. Now you will see a new icon next to the camera: some voice lines
  4. Press the icon and you will start recording the 140 seconds of voice memo


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