Twitter is testing a feature where you can see all the retweets of a tweet


Twitter, one of the most popular micro-blogging platforms in the world, started testing a new feature that allows users to see all the retweets of a tweet with and without comments. Although it is not known how long the test will take, the new feature is expected to be included in the platform very soon.

Twitter, which has become one of the most important instant information sources on social media, is working on an interesting feature. The U.S. company has been testing a feature that will allow users to see all retweets of a tweet with and without comments for a while.

The innovation in question was confirmed by Twitter’s product manager, Kayvon Beykpour, after it was spotted by the fan of the K-Pop group BTS, who has taken the whole world by storm.

New feature tested by Twitter shows all the retweeted and unquoted retweets of a post
“We have presented this as part of the test that started today,” said Beykpour. You can easily see all Retweets with the comments of any tweet. If you have had a chance to experience, let us know what you think ”.

Although most Twitter users do not have this new feature yet, many people on social media are very excited about the innovation in question. Until now, users who wanted to see what others were saying in a post’s retweets often used Quoted Replies. Although it is a very useful application, there will be no reason to use the application when the new feature of Twitter is officially released.

Twitter said the new feature will be available to all users soon
It is not clear how Twitter’s testing process will take, or how many people it is, but Beykpour said in a reply to a Twitter user that the new feature will be available to everyone “soon”. If you are one of those who have a chance to access the feature, you can share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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Twitter, which also has a large user base in our country, stated that it reached 152 million active users in the last quarter of 2019. The American company also announced that it was the first time that it was able to earn close to $ 1 billion in the period in question.


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