Twitter tagged Trump’s post as ‘false information’


Twitter has labeled Trump’s tweet that read, “VOTES WILL NOT BE DEALED AFTER ELECTION DAY,” as “Some or all of the content shared on this Tweet is controversial and may be misleading about participating in an election or other social process.”

He also put a warning under the tweet that “some votes may still need to be counted”.

A number of states, including Pennsylvania, allow ballots to arrive on the days after election day, provided they have a postal stamp until election day.

It is also known that the ballot papers of US soldiers serving abroad generally take longer to arrive.

Many accusations were brought against President Donald Trump after the election day, such as “spreading false information, abuse of office and manipulating election results”.

“These are legal votes, they will be counted”

Donald Trump tweeted again today in capital letters “Stop the count” and garnered many reactions.

One of these reactions came from one of the key states, Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro criticized Trump for suing Trump to halt the vote count in the landmark state, saying: “I will not let anyone stop this counting process. These are legal votes. They will be counted. ”

Shapiro said that “this speech of the president should disappear, the election campaign is over,” and emphasized that the focus should be on counting the remaining ballot papers, accusing Trump of drawing election officials into a political war.

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