Twitter suspends Trump supporters’ accounts


After Facebook’s operation against US President Donald Trump’s fake supporters, Twitter went to a similar process. The social media app suspended a number of fake accounts allegedly owned by President Trump’s black supporters. With this move, Twitter aims to prevent a possible unfair gain in favor of Trump or Biden.

Twitter suspends Trump supporters’ accounts

The social media platform Twitter stated that the accounts in question violated the rules on spam and manipulation. Stating that the accounts are generally black and that they will give their votes to Trump, Twitter did not disclose the number and source of the suspended accounts. It was stated that these activities are still being investigated, and it was underlined that additional accounts may also be suspended if a violation is detected.

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According to The Washington Post, which first announced the investigation, Darren Linvill, a disinformation researcher at Clemson University, identified over 265,000 retweets or tweeted accounts. Speaking on the subject, Linvill stated that most of the accounts were opened in 2017, but they have been more effective in the last 2 months and have used images of people in news articles as photos. Linvill underlined that among these accounts, there are also those who have more than 10 thousand followers. However, he said the effects of suspended accounts had already taken place.

Twitter follows a ban policy that prevents the information on its platform from being used to manipulate people. It seems that the action in question will be held before the presidential elections to take place on November 3, and will allow for a more transparent election process. Because, according to survey websites, 10 percent of black voters support President Trump.

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