Twitter storyteled Fleets launched in India


“Fleets” , a feature similar to the stories we saw on Snapchat and Instagram, was launched in India. This feature is being used gradually worldwide. First of all, fleets, which started operating in Brazil, arrived in Italy last month.

“India is important for Twitter as India is one of our largest and fastest growing mass markets worldwide,” said Manish Maheshwari, the administrative director of Twitter for India. said. “We are excited to bring the Fleets trial to India and make it one of the top three countries in the world experiencing this new product.”

“From the test in India, we will learn how adding a new conversation mode has changed the participation of Indians on Twitter. It will also be interesting to see if it will further increase the diversity of use by allowing people to share what they think with a light touch and open heart. ”

We don’t yet know when Twitter will launch fleets worldwide. The story format is currently very popular in social media apps. We have already seen that YouTube, Skype and WhatsApp also use this format. For Twitter, this type of content sharing seemed quite appropriate, and the social network seems to be slowly adapting to this format.


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