Twitter starts testing the sending of audio DMs in Brazil


The social network Twitter started testing a new feature on Wednesday (17): the possibility of sending private messages (known by the acronym DM) to other users using voice messages instead of text.

Brazil, India and Japan are the first markets to receive the function, as was expected when the novelty was initially announced. However, it will not be released to all users, with the experiment “being made available in phases” even in these regions.

Scraps are limited to 140 seconds – in reference to the old 140 character limit for a tweet. Private audio messages can only be sent from Android or iOS devices, but you can also listen to messages on your computer.

To test the feature, access the private conversation with a contact and look for the audio record icon, which is next to the send messages button. The operation is similar to sending audio from platforms like WhatsApp.

It is worth remembering that Twitter has already implemented the feature of posts in the form of voice messages, but still only in iPhones. It is possible that the arrival of the Clubhouse has accelerated the adoption of mechanisms that use voice instead of text on the platform.