Twitter started the day with access issues


In the early morning, Twitter faced a widespread access problem. According to the statements made by the company, these problems were caused by an inadvertent change in the company’s systems.

Twitter, one of the largest social media platforms in the world, started the day with access problems. According to the statements of both Twitter and Twitter users, the service has become completely unavailable in some regions.

Twitter Support said in a statement on the incident, “Twitter has crashed for many of you and we are working to get it up and running again. We had problems with our internal systems and found no evidence of a security breach or hacking attempt. ” used the expressions.

A Twitter spokesperson said, “We are aware that users have problems tweeting and using Twitter. We are trying to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Support team will provide information if there is a new development. He spoke in the form.

After the big hacking attempt that took place in July, the problem of access to Twitter once again brought to mind that Twitter was under attack. However, Twitter officially confirmed that the problem was caused by Twitter itself with its latest statement.

“The last access issue was caused by an inadvertent change to our internal systems. Twitter should be up and running for all users in the next few hours. ” Using the statements, Twitter Comms thus confirmed that there was no major problem arising. As of now, there are no major problems accessing Twitter.

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