Twitter Spaces Can Now Be Used in The Browser by Phone or PC

Twitter has started to expand the reach of Spaces, which brings similar functions to the Clubhouse app. The social networking audio meetings tool can now be accessed through the desktop and also works in the web browser on mobile phones and tablets.

With the novelty, the feature is no longer exclusive to the Twitter mobile application. Since its launch, Spaces has had its experience focused on the version of the social network for Android and iOS, but the company promised that it would have the feature for browsers in the future, guaranteeing access on more devices.

Twitter users can now join Spaces meetings on any device. In addition, the function has been improved to work better on larger screens, including an interface that adapts to the device’s display.

More news

Spaces recently received accessibility tools, including audio transcription. The function was also provided with a reminder system, which sends an alert to the user when a meeting of interest is starting.

Twitter had also already extended the reach of the Spaces function. In early May, the company released functionality for all social network accounts that have at least 600 followers.

Even with the expansion of the tool, Spaces still has exclusive functions in the Twitter application. Currently, the mobile version is the only place that allows you to start meetings and is able to display ongoing conversations on the Fleets bar.

According to 9to5Mac, Twitter should release the creation of Spaces through the desktop version of the social network in 2021.



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