Twitter: how to select and follow topics of your choice


Twitter, in addition to being a social network, is also one of the most sought after platforms for accessing all the news on the topics that most interest each user. In addition to the “trending topics”, that is, the most talked about subjects on the network, a new tool is being implemented: the “Topics” function, which allows you to follow tweets about entertainment, games, sports and music.

The exchange of information can become even better when the subjects are selected according to the interests of the account owner. Thus, the most interesting tweets can be accessed in a practical way. Learn more below.

How to select and follow Twitter topics

Step 1: Access your account and, in the menu located on the left side of the screen, click on the “More” option.

Step 2: click on “Topics” right after.

Step 3: Click on “Follow some topics” to start seeing the topics that are most relevant to you.

Step 4: a list of some topics will appear. Click on the “+” icon next to your favorites to access the subcategories.

Step 5: next to the subcategories, click on the “+” icon again to access the subjects. Click on “Follow” to receive news on the most interesting topics on Twitter.

Step 6: When finished, click “Done”.

I want to have access to news, what now?

To see everything that is happening at the moment in addition to the topic categories already selected above, Twitter shows trending topics based on your location and the accounts you follow.

These issues can always be filtered based on user feedback, that is, if you suspect that a trending topic is violating Twitter guidelines, you can click the arrow on the side and rate it as spam, abusive, harmful, duplication or simply “low quality”.

Now, if you want to have access to world trending topics and not restrict the news to your location, just click on “Show more” until the “Subjects” screen appears on your Twitter.

Then, click on the settings icon next to “Subjects” and uncheck the option “Customize subjects based on your location and who you follow”.

Remember that it is also possible to view subjects from a specific country. To do this, just click on the option “Change location” and select the country of your choice.

And did you know that it was possible to configure the Twitter topics that you want to see more often? Tell us in the comments.


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