Twitter, Rusya’nın Erişim Engeline Karşı Dark Web’de Site Geliştirdi


Russia recently announced that it has blocked access to Twitter, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Now, there has been a move against this from Twitter and a site with the ‘onion’ extension has been developed that can be accessed over the Tor network.

It would not be wrong to say that the only topic that the whole world has talked about for the last two weeks is the Russia-Ukraine war, which started with Russia’s military operation on February 24. This occupation, which allowed us to witness the days that will go down in history, caused global sanctions to be applied to Russia. As we have conveyed to you, many giant companies suspended their services in the country due to the war.

After these, moves towards western companies began to come from Russia. In these news, it was stated that access to social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and the websites of western media organizations such as the BBC were blocked in the country. After that, the BBC took a step against Russia’s move and announced that its site could be accessed from Russia via the dark web and with the help of the anonymous browser Tor. Now it has been announced that such a move has come from Twitter.

A website with the extension ‘onion’, which can be accessed via the Tor network, has been created

According to the news, Twitter, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, has decided to open a website with the extension of ‘onion’, which can be accessed through the Tor network. Just like the step taken by the BBC, it was also among the news that this site can be accessed from the Tor browser, which allows you to be anonymous.

Famous software developer Alec Muffett, who played a role in the creation of the site, also shared in his statements showing how to reach the site. In addition, Muffet added, “This is probably my most important and most anticipated statement ever. I’m happy to announce Twitter’s new Tor onion service. I feel great helping the Twitter engineers with this. “The Tor onion service will provide users around the world with greater privacy, trust and will be a big step forward for issues like censorship.”

According to the statements, Twitter’s site was already accessible via the Tor network. However, this new site can be used without any problems in countries where the social media platform is blocked, such as Russia.

Onion extension sites, which cannot be accessed by common browsers and can be accessed through the tor network, provide encryption of the connection traffic between the server and the computer, prevent user tracking, and are generally used on the dark web. The tor network, which you can get more information about, allows you to be anonymous on the internet and allows users to access such sites in a confidential way.