Twitter Reveals The Most Popular Sports of The Tokyo Olympics


Twitter announced on Wednesday that it is celebrating the start of the Tokyo Olympics and that it has carried out an analysis on the social network about the most talked about sports and athletes in Brazil and around the world. In addition to post quantification, the company reported a 113% increase in global tweet volume between April and May this year, compared to 2020. Check out the study graphs below.

Data acquisition took place between January 1st and July 15th and revealed that Football, Basketball, Gymnastics, Volleyball and Tennis are the most mentioned in Brazil. The first two positions are equal to the overall results, but it was evidenced that Volleyball and Gymnastics are not so common in tweets in other languages.

Ricardo Graça, Vasco’s defender, was the most talked about sportsman in Brazil, followed by Daniel Alves, right-back and midfielder for São Paulo, and Gabriel Menino, for Palmeiras.

On the global side of the study, Japanese Rikako Ikee is the most famous. The swimmer was the protagonist of a story of resilience after being diagnosed with cancer in 2019 and being qualified for the 4×100m medley relay team in April 2021.

Unfortunately, Twitter did not provide the methodology for acquiring the data. All athletes mentioned have profiles on the platform, but we don’t know if keywords were relevant to the classification or only the “@s” were quantified.

News on the social network

According to the social network, the platform will offer a session in the “Explore” window dedicated to the Olympics with special pages and lists of accounts to follow.

The initiative will provide the most relevant Tweets for conversations and new information and fun facts about sports. In addition, new topics in the sports section have been created to follow specific topics. Check out more details on the Twitter Brazil “wire”.

Finally, participating countries will earn special hashtags with animations of their respective flags, and 30 new themed emojis have been added.

The Tokyo Olympics will be held between the 23rd of July and the 8th of August.


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