Twitter removes and blocks Trump posts for 12 hours


On Wednesday (6), Twitter announced the blocking of Donald Trump’s profile on the platform for 12 hours due to the violation of the platform’s terms of use. The sanction refers to three posts made throughout the day, which were initially flagged and deprived of receiving likes, comments and comments. They were later removed.

One of Trump’s tweets signaled by the social network was the message addressed to US Vice President Mike Pence. In the text, the representative complained that the Republican colleague did not “have the courage to do what should have been done”, referring to the pressure to try to reverse the defeat for Joe Biden in the 2020 elections.

In another tweet, whose access was also restricted, Trump commented on the invasion of the Capitol and repeated the allegations about the Democratic candidate’s victory last November, saying that the voting results were rigged – the complaints made by the current president were not proven .

The messages, which could be viewed for some time even with restrictions, were accompanied by the following label: “This allegation of electoral fraud is contested and this tweet cannot be answered, retweeted or liked due to the risk of violence”.

Violation of platform rules

After applying restrictions on the posts of the American president, Twitter used its official account @TwitterSafety to justify the actions taken. According to the company, Trump’s tweets violated the platform’s rules due to the use of words that can incite violence.

‚ÄúRegarding the current situation in Washington, DC, Twitter’s trust and security teams are working to protect the public conversations taking place on the service and will take action on any content that violates the Twitter Rules. Of course: threats and calls for violence have no place on Twitter and we will apply our policies accordingly, “commented the company.

Later, the microblog returned to using the profile to say that repeated and serious violations of its civic integrity policy would result in the removal of flagged posts. And he made a new warning: if Trump violates the same terms again, his account will be banned from service permanently.


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