Twitter Releases ‘who can reply’ Function On Old Tweets


Twitter: Confirming the rumors, Twitter announced on Tuesday (13) a change in the feature “who can respond”, used to moderate interactions on the platform. From now on, it will be possible to choose users who are allowed to participate in the conversation in tweets that have already been posted.

Previously, the platform only allowed you to define who can reply to the tweet before publication. At the time of posting, the user has the option to release the responses to anyone, just to those he follows or only to the profiles mentioned in the message.

But with the change, it becomes possible to control users participating in the conversation in old messages as well. Just open the tweet, click on the three dots icon, in the upper right corner, and go to the alternative “Change who can reply”, selecting the desired option.

According to the microblog network, the change was gradually made available to the entire user base, both in apps for Android and iOS and in the web version of the service. And if the news is not yet available on your profile, just wait for the update.

Providing more meaningful conversations

Before releasing the new feature to everyone, Twitter made the function available to a limited group of users, who began testing the tool in May. According to the company, the new configuration helped people to “feel safer” and protected from spam and online abuse.

The feedback received by the social network also showed that the resource contributed to reducing the number of unwanted responses and provided more meaningful conversations on the platform. In the survey, users also said that they turned on moderation mainly on tweets on sensitive topics, such as politics and social issues.

It is noteworthy that the function can be used both to open a previously restricted conversation, with the capacity to yield good discussions nowadays, as to “close” the interaction around an old and controversial publication.


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