Twitter releases use of security key as only 2FA method


Twitter users can already use security keys as the only two-factor authentication method (2FA) to increase the protection of their accounts on the platform. The novelty, which had been announced in March, started to take effect from this Wednesday (30), both on mobile devices and on the web version of the service.

According to the social network, physical security keys are the “most effective way to keep your Twitter account safe”, bringing advantages over other 2FA methods. In SMS or application authentication, for example, it is necessary to send a verification code that can be intercepted by cybercriminals.

With the physical keys, which have built-in protection features, this is more difficult to happen. According to the company, the devices use FIDO and WebAuthn security standards, being able to differentiate legitimate websites from malicious pages, blocking phishing attempts.

Importantly, the method has been available on the microblog network since 2018. However, it only worked on browser access and required accounts to have another form of two-factor authentication enabled. Later, the function arrived in apps for Android and iOS, but it still could not be used as the only means of protection.

Activating security keys

Ideal for those who need even greater protection for their Twitter account, the physical security key can be added in the “Security and account access” section in the “Settings” menu of the social network. First, you need to enable two-step authentication method by SMS or app.

Next, open the “Security Key” option, click “Start” and insert the key into the device’s USB port or synchronize it via Bluetooth or NFC. Then tap the button that appears on the switch and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup.