Twitter Releases Spaces for Those Who Have More Than 600 Followers


Twitter: This Monday (3) Twitter expanded the availability of Spaces, the audio chat rooms of the social network that should rival platforms such as the Clubhouse.

From now on, any user with more than 600 followers can open a “Space” using the app for Android and iOS.

The opening is done in the same composition menu as a tweet and the administrator has complete controls over the room, including being able to mute people or eliminate them from the site for noncompliance with rules.

The rooms created by people you follow appear at the top of the screen, next to the Fleets – which are temporary messages, the equivalent of Twitter’s “Stories”.

When entering one of these environments as a viewer, you can react with emojis, make posts on your profile about the content and ask for permission to speak as well.

Twitter will now receive more opinions from the community to improve the experience and, who knows, even expand the option to more users. One of the possible resources is the scheduling of meetings, while another option is to benefit the hosts with monetization or to create paid spaces, with virtual “tickets” that can be sold.

It is worth remembering that the Clubhouse, which started the phenomenon of voice chat apps, is only now expanding the tests with Android and even declined an offer to acquire Twittter itself.