Twitter Prepares New Reactions, Fleets and Spaces For Browser


Twitter is getting closer and closer to implementing a number of features on the platform. Some of them are versions of functions that already exist in mobile applications, while others will be new to the social network.

The findings came from developer Nima Owji, who found a number of clues from reverse engineering the platform’s code.

One of the novelties that has been identified before is the inclusion of “Reactions” in tweets — more or less like what happens on Facebook, where the “jonny” button can be exchanged for other feelings and expressions.

In this case, Owji detected a sad face, a laugh, a heart, clapping and a suspicious emoji. He even tested the feature on the social network’s first post, written by CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey — which was sold as NFT in 2021.

More to come

Also according to Owji, Twitter is close to adding Fleets and Spaces to the web version of the application, for those who use the social network directly in the browser.

Fleets are temporary messages based on Stories and will be flagged with a colored outline in the profile photo. The Spaces are Clubhouse-style audio conversation rooms, identified with the function’s logo.

A new search engine for private messages (DMs) is also under development and allows the user to find specific messages among reserved chats.

None of the additions have been officially confirmed by the company and, at least for now, there is no deadline for the announcement.


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