Twitter permanently bans Donald Trump’s personal account


The personal account of the current President of the United States, Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump), has been permanently suspended by Twitter. The announcement was published on Friday night (8) by the social network. A similar measure has also been taken by Facebook.

The move is a direct consequence of events in and around the Capitol during a session that later confirmed Democratic Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election. According to the platform, Trump’s messages contained risks and could be interpreted as an “incitement to violence” as it could provoke new demonstrations by radical supporters.

Twitter also stated that even accounts of people of public and global relevance are not above all terms of use of the platform – the suggestion of violent acts and the way in which these messages are received and interpreted is one of the most serious examples. .

Long fight

The social network itself had already silenced Trump’s account for a few hours after last Wednesday (6), but he returned to the profile with two tweets that were considered the last straw: one warning that he will not attend the ceremony. Biden’s inauguration on January 20, and another ensuring that his voters will be heard in the future and should not be treated unfairly. Twitter interpreted the publications as a way of saying that it still does not recognize the validity of the electoral process.

In other episodes throughout the elections, the pandemic and protests part of the Black Lives Matter campaign, Twitter even reduced the reach of some posts and even signaled that they contained objectionable opinions, false information or provoked violence.

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The full explanation of Trump’s suspension can be read in the Twitter blog post. It is worth remembering that he is still responsible for the official profile of the President of the USA for another two weeks, @POTUS, which will be transferred to Biden and will have his followers zeroed out.


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