Twitter Partners with AP and Reuters to Fight Fake News


Twitter announced a partnership with the two largest news agencies in the world, Reuters and the Associated Press (AP). The goal, according to the company, is to proactively combat misinformation within the microblogging platform.

Although the company’s internal teams are already working on moderation, seeking to explain and add context to Twitter content, the arrival of new news agencies will help provide more reliable information. With this, the company hopes to stop the growing dissemination of misleading information on its platform.

On its blog, Twitter clarifies that the idea of ​​the partnership is to act proactively in providing accurate and reliable information when “the facts are in dispute”. “Instead of waiting for something to go viral, Twitter will contextualize the evolving discourse at the pace or in anticipation of the public conversation,” promise the owners of the bluebird.

Twitter promises to act before fake news goes viral

According to Twitter, partnerships with Reuters and AP will come into play “when Twitter’s curation team doesn’t have the specific knowledge or access to a high enough volume of credible reporting.” The two international news agencies will also provide fact-checking feedback provided by the Birdwatch program, which has been running on a pilot project since January.

It is noteworthy that the company’s curation team already takes proactive measures in relation to certain suspicious trending topics and misleading tweets, adding explanatory content to them. Trustees will also pay special attention to surveys conducted during major events such as elections or public health emergencies.

In this regard, the government of Joe Biden last week declared a real war against social media, for what it called “vaccination hesitation increased by fake news”. The problem of misinformation and anti-vaccine campaigns have been responsible for the increase in covid-19 infections in the US.


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