Twitter opens its restricted feature to other users


Twitter finally offers its feature, which can also be called a restriction to respond to tweets, for other users. If you remember, this feature was first tested in May with a much more limited number of users. Now, Twitter opens to limit tweet replies for all iOS users. A new update to Twitter’s iOS app allows all users to limit who can reply to their tweets.

Ability to restrict replying to Twitter tweets

As for the update in the App Store: “In May, we tested the new way to chat exactly with the person you want, and now it reaches more users. “So you can create more meaningful changes,” he says.

To use the feature, you must first be an iOS user. If you are an iOS user, just make the new update. While users are tweeting; Anyone can answer, only people they follow can answer, and only people they’re talking about will come up with three options. Users choose which people to answer by clicking on the option they want.

The feature in question has been one of the interesting changes Twitter has made in recent months. It is not clear whether the feature is currently available to users of Twitter’s Android app or when it will be available to all Twitter web users, but if there is one thing, it is that iOS users can use this feature with the latest update.

If you remember, just yesterday, Twitter had confessed that it had a vulnerability with a new blog post it shared. Twitter was anxious with the Android deficit.

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