Twitter on the verge of paying for certain content!


The social network Twitter wants to improve and therefore wants to add a new paid feature called Super Follows.

Twitter is planning some new things for its next updates. Subscribers will therefore have access to exclusive but paid content.

The Twitter social network is a world in its own right. But it is also known to be the place of all the rants. Polemics of all kinds, hateful comments and harassment. Everything is there.

With more than 192 million users, Twitter is one of the most used social networks in the world. Mainly because it’s free.

But if the platform is free today. It may not be tomorrow. Indeed, the spokesperson for the American group wants to set up a paid service.

He explains that he wants to find a way to finance his new project called “Super Follows”. Money that would come from the public. And who supports the work of these personalities. And this project will therefore allow creators to be even closer to their fans.

So it’s official. Twitter will be entitled to its new feature called “Super Follows”. And it was during his annual meeting that the leaders presented their idea.

The principle is simple. This feature allows fans to subscribe to a personality’s account. So far nothing is abnormal. But the fan will therefore have to pay a few dollars a month. And he will receive exclusive content in return.

In addition to being entitled to discounts on derivative products and to new newsletters. As well as access to the private group with the celebrity in question.


With this novelty, Twitter wants to convince investors. But also to show that they can renew themselves. By offering broader content. And thus attract more users.

Because that is the problem. Twitter has found its audience. But he hasn’t innovated for a long time. And the only source of income is sponsored ads.

And these ads are the subject of a lot of criticism. Targeted according to the profile of each user.

They fuel controversy. On the confidentiality of personal information. Which are generally used for marketing purposes.

Group founder Jack Dorsey said: “We are being criticized for 3 reasons. We are slow. We are not innovative. And we are not trusted. ”

He also said he wanted to reach 315 million “monetizable” users by 2023. A daring bet. But that could well come true one day.

Because this is not the first time that Twitter has attempted a facelift. Indeed, the platform has already offered its subscribers to make “fleets”. Stories like we see on Snapchat and Instagram.

Twitter is trying very hard to adapt. To follow trends. But also to meet the needs of its subscribers.

But it remains to be seen whether the “Super Follows” will attract customers. Or if, on the contrary, they will scare away customers. To be continued.


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