Twitter Now Shows Entire Images In The App


Twitter has released a new photo viewing feature for all users of the social networking app for Android and iOS.

From now on, the images posted by you or others in the feed will appear in full format, displaying all content – either in the original size, if it is small, or in a proportion that allows viewing of all content.

More specifically, cropping is not performed on 2: 1 and 3: 4 aspect ratio images.

The novelty ends with a joke from the social network: the posts “open for a surprise”, which took advantage of the automatic cut made by the social network to generate funny and unexpected images.

However, the feature also received harsh criticism for the facial recognition algorithm, which was not trained to efficiently identify faces of black people and tended to prefer to focus on white people when the photograph featured several elements. That was one of the reasons that led the social network to work on the new crop of images, planned since October 2020.

For now, the new way of displaying images is not yet released in the web version for browsers.


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